SMBian Committe

SMBian Committe

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum & Good evening
Here are the list of activities that Material Club had held for the last semester

Blogspot Design and Launching by IT Department
T- Shirt Design by IT Department

Technical Talk by Professional Development Department

Final Year Experience by Programme Department

JamesDyson Award Talk by R&D Department

IMM Membership Recruitment by External Relationship Department


SMBIAN Sport Day by Programme Department

First Year Experience by Programme Department

Industrial Visit by R&D Department

Global Outreach Programme by Professional Development Department

SMBian Camping by Programme Department

So, what are you all waiting for?
The date of events will be inform later, and all of material club members are welcome to join the activies. [For the first year students, you are AUTOMATICALLY become material club members]

any questions?
can be ask at our fb group - SMBians


WARM welcome to first year students of MATERIAL MECHANICAL

To all first year SMB students,
            Congratulation! Ten years of hard-work finally brought you to University Technology Malaysia, the World Class University! 

           First of all, let me begin by extending a warm welcome from Korea to all of you. As a SMB student, we are unique! Do not felt upset if this course is not on the top in your list. Never look down on yourself, because all of us have this unlimited potential to be success in the future, plan your university life wisely, because this is the most important factor that determines your future life.  

            In this world of globalization, we can’t evade one simple rule: winner takes all. If you want guarantee your future life, you should have a good character to play your role in university life. As a competitive person, we should equip ourselves with several important attitudes and skills such as confidence, leadership, creativity and etc.
            We can’t get all these from the lecture or even books; it only can be gained through experience by involving yourself in certain club or society. This is one of the objective why Materials Club was being established. We want to provide a space for our members to learn different skills, to gain experiences!

            In a nutshell, I hope all the fresh man here can enjoy your university life! Materials Club is welcoming junior to join and do ask for more information about Material Club from seniors, we value your feedbacks because comments are important to us and we will address them as quickly as possible.        

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths” --Walt Disney 

Chong Lipgang
Materials Club 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

SMB activity: Career Talk and Industrial Talk

Organize by: Department of Professional Development (DPRO)
Date: 5th Mac 2011
Venue: C23 DK 1& 2 FKM
Time: 9am - 12.30pm

Mr. Mohamad Muaz Jamaludin (left) and Ir. Nor Azizi Bin Mazalan (right)

Session 1 :Mr. Mohamad Muaz Jamaludin
About Mr. Mohamad Muaz Jamaludin ;

He is a formal UTM student that studies Material-Mechanical Engineering (Our course super duper senior). After graduate, he work as QA Engineer at Optosem Technologies Sdn. Bhd (Feb-Jul 2008). Now he work as Piping Engineer at JGC Singapore Pte. Ltd.

About JGC:
JGC corporation known as Japan Gasoline Co.Ltd that established in 1928 at Tokyo, Japan. JGC is a total engineering company that probiding overall project management under an Integrated philosophy. JGC also has successfully executed for more than 20,000 projects in Japan as well as overseas. JGC has been rates as the top 10 EPCM(Engineering Procurement, Construction, Maintainance) company in world in plant design and construction and top 4  in the world in LNG plant making.

About Mr. Mohamad Muaz Jamaludin jobs:

3D Modelling

Session 1 : Ir. Nor Azizi Bin Mazalan
About Ir. Nor Azizi Bin Mazalan: 
Career : 
1) July 2002 - July 2003 -----> New Executive Program, Tenaga Nasional Berhad(TNB)
2) Aug 2003 - Dec 2005 ---->  Mechanical Engineer, Generation & Operation Section, TNB Training Institute
3) Jan 2006 - Apr 2008 ------> Mechanical Engineer, OJT & Simulator Section, TNB Janamanjung Sdn Bhd
4) May 2006 - Now ---------> Section Head, Technical Training Section, Tanjung Bin Power Plant, Malakoff Corporation Berhad

Work Experiences :
2003 --> Commision 300MW Kapar Power Plant Simulator Refurbishment Project 
2004 --> 1) Project for 300MW CCPP Connaught Bridge Power Plant Simulator Refurbishment
               2) Prepare Start Up Ramp Rate(SURR)
2007 --> Project Enginner for 700MW TNB Janamanjung CCPP Simulator Project
2008 --> Complete documentation and Impllement CBA program for TBPP staff
Now --> Trainer

About Malakoff:
Malaysia's largest IPP with 25% share of generating capacity of Peninsular Malaysia. Business includes power generation, O&M services, Electrical distribution & Project management. Malakoff also aggressive expansion into Middle East with pojects in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Oman and Jordan

Malakoff Core Business

Malakoff Power Plant in M'sia

Ir. Nor Azizi Bin Mazalan got talk about duty in working place. Then he explain what is Engineer to us. Engineer is derived from Latin Word Ingeniator that mean Imaginative, Intelligent, Inventive and Inspired.
After he also got talk about the need of enginners in Malaysia now is 200k but the graduate engineers in Malaysia currently just got 65k. This show that now Malaysia still lack of engineers. Board of Engineers Malaysia(BEM) is a body that formed for regulating professional conduct & practice of registered engineers. So wait you all graduate remember to register as member of BEM.

To become PE u need :

Before finsh his talk. Ir. Nor Azizi Bin Mazalan talk about the way to becoming a leader. Below is the motive of a leader.

Can u guess what got inside this picture????

Thanks to our Department of Professional Development and congratulation that they successfully that organize this activity.

The End

Friday, December 10, 2010

Material Club UTM

This club is the student chapter of Institute Of Materials Malaysia (IMM)
The following is about the IMM.

1)Background Of IMM :
~The Malaysian Materials Science and Technology Society (6th Nov 1987)
~1997 - Institute of Materials, Malaysia (IMM)
~Promote honourable practice and professional ethics in Materials Profession
~Encourage collaboration between Industry and Academia in education, research & development in Materials Technology
~2000 members ( technicians, skilled personnel, academia, & professionals ).

2)Council & Committees :
~2-year Council Sessions ( 2008 – 2010 )
~President: Dato’ Dr. Ong Eng Long
~Deputy President: Prof. Dr. Md. Kamal
~Hon. Secretary: Engr. Ong Chong Hup
~Hon. Treasurer: Engr. Md. Suradi Yasin
~Coatings Committee, Welding Committee, Corrosion Committee, Polymers Committee, Composites Committee,
Southern Region, East Coast Region,etc.

~The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, UK (IOM3) – Malaysian Branch.
~The Institute of Materials, East Asia (S’pore)
~Balai Ikhtisas Malaysia (BIM) – Malaysian Professional Centre
~The Confederation of Scientific and Technological Associations in Malaysia (COSTAM)
~Singapore Welding Society (SWS)
~National Association of Corrosion Engineers ( NACE)

4)IMM-Joint Ventures
~Materials Technology Education Sdn Bhd (MTE)
–Wholly owned by IMM Resources Sdn Bhd & IM Education Sdn Bhd
–Educational activities of IMM
–Event management

~PRIMOS (M) Sdn Bhd
MTE & iMOS Singapore Pte Ltd
Manpower Optimization Scheme

   –IMM Certified Coatings Inspector
   –IMM Certified Blaster & Painter
   –Protective Coatings, Thermal Spray Coatings, etc.
   –IMM-SIRIM Certified Welding Inspector
   –Welding Codes, etc.
   –IMM Certified Cathodic Protection Technician
   –IMM Certified Corrosion Technician
   –Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Monitoring, etc.
~API Courses ( 510, 570, 653 )

6)Achievement Since 1987
~Trained & certified >500 Coating Inspectors for Malaysian oil & gas industry
~Trained & certified >1,000 Blasters & Painters for Malaysian oil & gas industry
~Increased awareness of Materials Technology in Malaysian industries
~Conducted 6 International Materials Technology conferences 
~Recognized as the authority in Materials Technology by Malaysian oil & gas industry

~Establish a Skills College in Materials Technology
~Collaborate with international Materials Professional Organizations and Academia for global networking
~Enhance the profession of Materials Specialists and Skilled Personnel
~Contribute towards global Sustainability and Environmental Protection

~Open to all above 17 years old
~Student grade
   - Entrance fee = RM10.00
   - Annual subscription = RM10.00
Professional Member (MIMM) = RM100/yr
Fellow Member (FIMM) = RM150/yr
Ordinary Member = RM40/yr